Living Life with Too Much Information

Living healthfully is essential.

We hear this sort of proclamation all the time. And most of us believe it to be true, even without real specifications as to what “living,” “healthful,” and “essential” require.

There are lots of people out there who claim that they’ve figured it out.

We are bombarded by messages and advertisements assuring us that “if you commit to this program, your life will be transformed.” Sometimes there is a money-back guarantee that accompanies this not-to-be-missed offer; sometimes there is a promise of results in “just 21 short days.”

Go to any library or bookstore or website. You can find volumes of advice and guidance. Too much information.

The advice that has been amassed is overwhelming. You can find one book claiming that you must incorporate X to live well. On a neighboring shelf, you can find another book claiming that you must avoid X at all costs to live well.

This mishmash of “expert advice” can leave us complacent. Instead of making grand announcements about how we will live or planning out fundamental changes for our future behavior, we fall into ennui and keep plugging along as we had prior to doing the “research.” It’s fair to say that for most of us,┬áthe weight of knowledge around wellness ends up crushing us into submitting to the conclusion: “I haven’t any idea what to choose because there is simply too much to choose from.”

What if there were a simple way to achieve wellness? What if six little letters were all you needed to finally find peace and satisfaction with both your life and your place in the world?

After four decades of study, I have gathered up a collection of little gems. Countless books and theories have been distilled down to their individual essences to yield a a personalized approach to being well.

“Find Your SWERNY” is a call to those of you searching for a wellness program–a program that you will love and that will love you back.

Stay tuned . . .



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