The Advice of Others

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There are many well intended people who are happy to share their thoughts on what you should do about any dilemma, crisis, or situation you might find yourself in. In small amounts, the advice of others can be wonderfully helpful.

You: “Should I do this or that?”

Advice Giver: “You should do ‘this’ because ‘this’ has so many pros and so few cons; ‘that,’ on the other hand, is heavy on the cons and light on the pros.”

Problem solved, right?

Well, yes.

The dilemma between “this” and “that” has been remedied. That one tiny pebble on the road had been kicked to the side. But what about the boulder up ahead? Do you go back to the giver of the pebble advice and ask what to do, or should you employ the same advice? Seems like a broken toe might result if you try to kick that boulder.

We believe that it is not always beneficial to go to advice givers at those times when you have a dilemma, crisis, or situation. Why? Because it’s not based in any expertise. Most advice givers dole out the advice that they would want to receive, which is both understandable and not worthy of blame. Advice givers do the best with what they have: their own life experiences upon which to base their advice.

But what if the advice that you could receive relied on your own personal expertise?

What if someone could convince you that you yourself had all the information you needed about yourself to make the best decision for yourself?

Would you believe this person? Would you be willing to take personal responsibility to finding your own “best” way to resolve that dilemma, crisis, or situation?

We think the very best person to be making decisions about how to live your life is you.

The only requirement is that you cautiously observe with a curious mind that which “works” in your life. You might have try a few new things to determine whether there is a better path to take, but we think the best outlook is to know that you’re in charge of your journey.

When the dilemma is “Should I wear sneakers or flip-flops,” go ahead and take the advice of someone who is willing and interested in being helpful. Sneakers vs. flip-flops is a “tiny pebble” sort of dilemma.

When the dilemma is “Should I continue living my life as I am or should I make a change,” give yourself the credit you deserve for having lived your life as you for as long as you have, which makes you the consummate expert on all things “you.”

And if you allow your cautious and curious mind to answer honestly, you might just end up getting the best advice ever.

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