Why Are You Waiting?

Oftentimes we avoid things, which we really should confront, by concocting simple excuses about how the time is “not right.” Well, those might not be the exact words we use to rationalize our need to delay, but they’re close.

This is why many people choose events as the impetus to make a change. Here are some examples:

“I’m going to lose ten pounds before my wedding. I have six weeks to accomplish that.”

“I’m going to run in that marathon next April. I have eight months to train for that.”

“I’m going to buckle down with my schooling so l can graduate with my class in May.”

For most of us, having a set “end date” is essential in that we are fully aware that the goal we might otherwise avoid will be met (or not) by a date certain, and that date certain will happen in the relatively near future. When that end date arrives, we will either feel proud of our accomplishment or ashamed that we were unable, unwilling, or unmotivated to do as we had intended.

What if goal setting could be done without an end date? What if, instead, the time frame in which to “perform” was shrunk down considerably?

By measureably constricting the time allotted, the goal itself must be reframed. So those grand statements change to these:

“I want to appear more fit. So today I’m going to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.”

“I want to feel healthier in my body. So today I’m going for a four-mile run.”

“I want to learn what my teachers deem essential to my education. So today I’m going to complete all of my assigned work.”

By rethinking the time frame, we’re forced to redraft the goal. By redrafting the goal, were able to be successful now.

Not by the wedding, or by the big race in April, or by springtime graduation.

Imagine how much more likely success would be if it were possible to be successful every day. Then ask yourself why you’re waiting for some big event when tomorrow could be the very day to make a start.

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