Going Forward from Here: How Six Specific Letters Correspond to General Themes

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Now that you may have a general idea about what “Find Your SWERNY” might be about, we are very much looking forward to getting into the details. We’ve had spirited debates over what to call our approach. We considered “system,” “method,” even “program.” None of those seemed to encapsulate what it means to “find” something that will transform, empower, and enrich your life. Therefore, to fully respect the essence of our endeavor, we settled on this: Find Your SWERNY is a practice.

Like many usages of the word “practice,” e.g., a yoga practice, a Buddhist practice, a law practice, the word itself endorses the notion of regularity and perseverance. Admittedly, the word also comes with attendant angst borne of the fear of failing. It is important to focus on the positive even if this means convincing yourself that the very definition of “a practice” is not a negative. Allow your mind to believe that with “practice” all things are possible.

I imagine that some of you are thinking, “All things are possible? Well then, I believe I’ll win the lottery, become a jet-setting celebrity, play in the NFL, or be as fit as a college athlete.” To those hyperbolic statements, I suppose the best retort is this: As is the case with most everything, reality cares nothing about your beliefs. This is not to say that visualizing your future is a waste of time; instead, it is meant to reel in those fantasies that are truly beyond the scope of reasonable thought.

So where to start?

We’re going to start with my first letter, which happens to be “S.” (Side note: Everyone’s six-letter combination will be different, as each person independently decides what is worth practicing.)

For me, my six letters spell out SWERNY. It could have been WERNYS or NEWSRY or any other combination of my specific letters. I picked SWERNY because it starts off the practice with “The Intimate.”

The Intimate, hereinafter The I, is the first arena of living that we will discuss. The I encompasses the extension of self to others. Those others could be a spouse, a lover, a child, a friend, a confidante. The I, for some of us, at any set point in time, could even be ourselves.

The only real analysis to come to terms with what your The I will look like is for you to ask yourself, “Who matters most?”

Strip away expectations and cultural appeals to “you really should . . . ” and you ought to be able to come up with a quick answer. While many of us will feel the pull to pick multiple people, for now, just focus on one. Close your eyes and meditate on the one person with whom you share the most of your life. Who do you turn to?

Next week, I’ll go into greater detail about The I for me.  As you can see from this blog’s featured image, it’s a burning, hot “S.” Any idea what that might stand for?

I’m happy to entertain guesses in the comments below . . . .

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