Easier Said Than Done

Part of what makes us human is our optimism. Even after years and years of failing at something (feel free to point to a yellow sticky note ^^^^), we persist in desiring to make a change as we are sure doing so will be the bring the satisfaction we so dearly seek. There’s just one […]

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The Advice of Others

There are many well intended people who are happy to share their thoughts on what you should do about any dilemma, crisis, or situation you might find yourself in. In small amounts, the advice of others can be wonderfully helpful. You: “Should I do this or that?” Advice Giver: “You should do ‘this’ because ‘this’ has […]

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Why Adopt a Routine?

From the images above, you might conclude that “new things” look far more interesting and attractive than “routines.” That these new things bring all sorts of new opportunities for adventure and expanding one’s life experiences. You might conclude that the spiral on the right is “better” than the plain, old, boring circle on the left. […]

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